OXILAM Upgraded H13 Bulbs, headlight 600% Brighter Wireless 9008 Bulb, 6500K Cool White

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  • Model: H13/9008
  • Brightness: 18,000LM/Set
  • Wattage: 60W/Set
  • Voltage: DC 12-16V
  • Color: 6500K Cool White
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Size: 1:1 Mini Size as Halogen Bulb
  • Canbus: Fit for 99% Vehicle

How do the OXILAM H13 bulbs achieve a 50,000 Hours Lifespan?

The heat dissipation system of the bulb itself is essential to achieve a balance between the brightness and the life of the bulbs. There are many bulbs on the market that only rely on fans to dissipate heat, but this is not enough for a working bulb. OXILAM H13 9008 bulb provides a good heat dissipation environment from all aspects of chips and materials to solve this problem. Firstly, OXILAM bulbs use heat-resistant CSP chips that dissipate the heat even when operating. And the built-in 12000RPM turbofan on the top of the bulb is located very close to the chip, which helps the chip to take away the heat faster. Secondly, the copper base plate inside the bulb disperses heat away from the chip to avoid localized overheating that can cause the bulb to break down. Finally, the housing made of integrated aluminum material dissipates the dispersed heat quickly. This triple cooling system coordinates with each other to fully dissipate heat and extend the life of the bulb.

Upgrade from halogen to lights in 5 minutes!

To solve the installation problems that plague most people, the Q36 series H13 bulb adopts an all-in-one compact design, which is almost a 1:1 mini size of the halogen bulb, and people no longer need to worry about not having enough installation space inside the lamp housing and get rid of bulky drivers and annoying wiring harnesses.

Mini Size 9008 bulb has the same height base, label position, and light-emitting point as the halogen bulb. Compared with other bulbs, the installation is more solid and 100% free of installation problems. The 1:1 filament can also restore the beam pattern of the halogen bulb, and the 0.03-inch spacing also ensures 360° illumination of the bulb, no dark spots, and say goodbye to dim yellow halogen lights once and for all!

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