OXILAM H11 9005 LED Light Bulbs Combo, 36000 Lumens 6500K, 1:1 Size DRL Fog Light Halogen Replacement, Pack of 4

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Why Need to Upgrade Halogen Bulb to LED?

At night, forward light bulbs may be one of the most important parts of your car. Being able to see and be seen is very important. Old-fashioned halogen bulbs tend to dim over time, you can hardly see the road to the destination at night off-road driving, not to mention the sudden appearance of deer and passersby on the road. And the short life of halogen forces you to replace halogen bulbs frequently. It is never a pleasant habit to replace bulbs in months.

OXILAM H11 9005 LED bulbs combo are major improvement over halogen bulbs, providing 600% brightness with a 10 years lifespan. This will give you a whole new experience.

1:1 Size Is The Top Choice For You

There are few true 1:1 bulb designs on the market, and Oxilam 9005 H11 LED light bulbs don't have external drives or huge heat sinks. Therefore, there is no modifications to the dust caps needed, and no need to remove the forward light assembly to get the bulb in. Installation is 100% problem-free!

Oxilam Led Forward Lights Bring a Great Upgrade for Halogen or Other Led

OXILAM H11 9005 LED automotive bulbs with 16pcs high-efficiency CSP chips on both sides, giving 40,000 lumens, are 600% brighter than halogen. Allowing for a wider and further view at night.

Do Our Best to Provide Quality Products

OXILAM 9005 led bulbs and H11 led bulbs are equipped with extremely thin 0.03 inch chips spacing enables 360-degree lighting like OEM bulbs. This allows you to drive safely on dimly lit roads without street lights.

2024 latest linear decoding technology and built-in intelligent IC driver make the H11/H9/H8 9005/HB3 LED forward light Combo Bulbs compatible with 99% of vehicles without flashing and warning.

Usually mini LED forward light bulbs will not come with a cooling fan, but OXILAM LED forward bulbs do the best job. These bulbs feature a turbo fan that effectively takes away the heat of the LED chip, ensuring over 50,000 hours of continuous lighting and a lifespan of over 10 years even with 12 hours of daily use.

Quick Questions and Answers

Will It Show An Error on Dashboard Or Flicker And Turn Off?

  • With the 2024 latest linear decoding technology and built-in intelligent IC driver, OXILAM H11 9005 led bulbs work with 99% of vehicles without error or flicker. But some sensitive cars may require decoders to fix the issue, can get the decoders from us

Is This A Forward Light Bulb Combo, Or Low Lamp, Or High Lamp?

  • This set comes with 4 light bulbs, including 2 pcs H11 led bulbs and 2 pcs 9005 led bulbs

Why Choose The Oxilam 9005 H11 Led light Bulbs Combo?

  1. Upgrade your forward light bulbs at one time to save time on purchase and installation
  2. No need to spend your time by contacting different manufacturers. All problems can be solved at OXILAM
  3. We take the most sincere attitude to treat every customer and do our best to meet the your requirements
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