OXILAM H11 Bulbs,24000LM 700% Brighter Wireless H9 H8 Fog Light Bulbs, Canbus 6500K

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Product Description

  • Model: H11/H9/H8
  • Brightness: 24,000LM/Set
  • Wattage: 100W/Set
  • Voltage: DC 12-16V
  • Color: 6,500K Cool White
  • Position: Front
  • Lifespan: 60,000 Hours

OXILAM M5S series 24000lm 700% Brighter h11 bulbs are designed for night driving, no need to be afraid of dark roads at night, light up your way and ensure your driving safety at all times.


Wider Vision

Compare to other h11 bulbs, OXILAM h11 led fog light bulbs narrowed the led interval to only 0.039in, making the bulbs 360-degree lighting like OEM bulbs. No shadows, no dark spots


The upgraded IC driver makes the h11 bulb to be compatible with 99% of vehicles without flickering or error problems. But for a few vehicles you may still need an additional decoder to be installed, please get in touch with OXILAM for help

60000Hrs Longer Lifespan

The aviation aluminum material and excellent cooling system make the h11 light bulb lifespan more than 60,000 hours, equivalent to 120 halogen bulbs, without frequent replacementr

Easy To Install

Directly plugged wireless design and smaller size than other h11, do not have external driver or connector, non-polarity socket, make the h11 bulb plug and play like halogen bulbs

IP67 Waterproof

With excellent IP67-rated performance, the h9 led fog light bulb can work normally and help you see in bad weather

Effective Cooling System

The h11 is made of aviation aluminum, with a 12,000RPM cooling fan and double heat dissipation of copper base board and copper tubes, which effectively pull the heat away from the led chips

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