OXILAM H11 9005 Light Bulbs Combo, 48000LM, Pack of 4

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Product Description

  • Model: H11/H9/H8 9005/HB3 Bulb Combo
  • Body Material: Aviation Aluminum
  • Lifespan: >60,000 Hours
  • Lumen: 48,000LM
  • Color: 6,500K Xenon White
  • IP Rate: IP67 Waterproof
  • Polar: Non-polarity
  • Installtion: Plug and Play
  • Application: H11 9005 Halogen Replacement

OXILAM Auto Bulbs Are A Game-Changer When It Comes To Lighting Up The Road

OXILAM 3rd gen high-efficiency chips consumes less power while providing a stunning 48,000 lumens of light output. You'll have unparalleled visibility on even the darkest nights. Upgrade your forward light bulbs to H11 9005 light bulbs combo and never compromise on quality and performance again.

1:1 beam design ensures exceptional performance. With its exceptional low-light tangent, the h11 bulbs offer enhanced visibility, allowing you to navigate even the darkest roads with ease and confidence. The excellent 9005 high-light bulbs ensure maximum illumination for a safer driving experience.

Experience Next Level Of Auto Lighting With Oxilam H11 9005 Light Bulbs

As cars have evolved from generation to generation, so have their forward light bulbs. Gone are the days of dim and unreliable lighting, OXILAM h11 9005 light bulbs combo offer a remarkable improvement in brightness, providing a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

99% CANBUS Ready

Built-in 2024 latest linear intelligent IC driver, OXILAM H9 HB3 bulbs halogen replacement are designed for hassle-free installation. They are compatible with 99% vehicle models, ensuring easy integration into your car's existing lighting system

IP67 Waterproof-rated

Whether you're driving at night, in adverse weather conditions, or simply want to upgrade your car's auto lighting bulbs. OXILAM H11 9005 bulbs kit are the perfect choice. They provide exceptional brightness and clarity, improving your visibility on the road and enhancing safety

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