September 06, 2018 2 min read

Road Trips are all over American movies and dramas, music, waving arms, people laughing and drinking beer, always happy.

People love it, the freedom and relax is more than anything.

A road trip usually takes days or months, sometimes it can be tough. The drivers need to prepare a lot of things before the trip and after reach one spot.

Except for necessaries of life, automotive parts like lights, spare tires and screws are also needed.

Today we are going to take about the lights you might need.

If you are planning a long-distance road trip, the first suggestion will be replacing all of the halogen lights with LED lights, in case they went wrong while you are driving.

The LED lights are more stable and energy saving and have a much longer lifespan. You wouldn't be happy if any light suddenly went off and put you in danger.

The first light is an LED headlight. With the brighter light and switchable beam, you can see clearly, your car will easily be noticed by the other cars, and the coming car won't be distracted.

After that, the fog light is the second important. Bad weather or road condition shows up from time, you need to stay sharp and let the other drivers know that you are there.

The third one will be atmosphere lights. The study shows, colors influence human's feeling differently. For example, green color relaxes you after long-distance driving. It is also a great joy to decorate your car with those LED atmosphere light strips. Then you just stop the car, turn on the music, drink the beer, make your trip homelike.















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