September 07, 2018 1 min read

Driving is all about safety. How to use your headlight is the first important thing. High beam or low beam, is a big choice.

Some cities or countries ban drivers from using lights in high beam because the light might blind the coming drivers and cause traffic accidents.

 So if you use the headlight in a wrong beam, you or someone might get hurt. 

Please use high beam when:

a) Dark and there is no road lamp.

b) Long straight road, and you can't see clearly.

If the coming drive uses a wrong beam, you can switch the beams to remind him.

As for the low beam, please use it when:

a) It is dark and the road lamps are on.

b) It is dark and there are pedestrians.

c) Passing bends narrow bridges or driving on narrow roads.

d) Passing each other.

 In the last case, please remember to switch back to high beam, if you are supposed to use high beam.

Comparing those two conditions, drivers need to use the headlights all the time.

High quality, durable and bright headlights are very important. For safety concern, please choose qualified headlights and use it correctly. LED headlights seem to be a good choice.

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