OXILAM 2024 Upgraded 7443 7440 LED Bulb Amber with Fan, CANBUS Error Free, 4000LM 600% Brighter, Turn Signal Light Anti Hyper Flash, T20 7441 W21W WY21W 7440NA Blinker Bulb Replacement (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

  • Fit Sockets: 992, 7440, 7440NA, 7440LL, 7441, 7443, 7443LL, 7443ST, 7444, W21W, T20, etc
  • Color: Amber Yellow
  • Lumens: 4000 LM/Set
  • Heat Dissipation: Powerful Fan & Aluminum Body
  • Lifespan: Up to 60000 Hours
  • Application: Fit Turn Signals Light ONLY

Do You Know Why Choose OXILAM 7440 LED Bulbs Amber as an Upgrade to Halogen Bulbs?

Are you tired of installing load resistors for your bulbs?

Are you tired of frequently replacing bulbs that don't work?

Are you tired of putting up with the inconvenience of hyper-flickering bulbs?

If you are troubled by the above problems, then OXILAM 7440 LED Bulb will be the right choice for your turn signal bulbs!

- Turbo fan and aluminum body form a powerful cooling system, effectively extending OXILAM 7440NA LED bulb’s lifespan to 60,000 hours.

- OXILAM T20 LED bulb have more advanced IC drivers than other bulbs, which greatly reduces the probability of CANBUS errors for 98% of vehicles.

- The bright LED chipset makes OXILAM 7440 LED Bulb Amber up to 6 times brighter than halogen bulbs, giving you a safer driving experience.

- For some sensitive or newer year vehicles, additional load resistors may be required to solve the hyper-flickering problem, please touch base with us for a load resistor.

Here are some warm tips for you before your purchase:

  • If you are not sure if these bulbs are suitable for your vehicle, check your owner's manual or stock bulbs. Besides, you can also leave your vehicle information (year/brand/model) to contact us.
  • For a few sensitive vehicles (For Jeep, Chrysler, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, RAM and Volkswagen), the built-in load resistor may not be able to resolve the hyper flash, and extra load resistors maybe required.
  • Any other problems that arise during installation and use, please let us know on OXILAM, we will provide free load resistors or other solutions.
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