OXILAM 2024 Newest 9007 HB5 LED Bulb, 18000LM, 1:1 Mini Size, 2 Pack

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2023 NEWEST HB5 9007 LED Bulb

  • Model: 9007 HB5
  • Brightness: 18,000LM/Set
  • Power: 60W/Set
  • Voltage: DC 9-30V
  • Lifespan: Over 20 Years
  • Installation: Plug and Play
  • Size: 1:1 Same As Halogen Bulb
  • Application: 9007 LED bulbs
  • Canbus: Fit for 99% Vehicle

Are You Tired Of Using HB5 9007 Halogen Bulbs?

  • 9007 Halogen bulbs are used widely in automotive light bulbs due to their low price and simple structure. But it is hard to meet the needs of motorists nowadays due to their low luminous efficiency, high heat generation, relatively low brightness, and short life span.
  • However, 9007 HB5 LED bulbs are small, bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, which can circumvent all the safety hazards that halogen lights may encounter and improve driving safety.
  • So, are you still not going to try 9007 LED?

OXILAM Brings You A Huge Upgrade For Halogen Bulbs Or Other LEDs.

  • With the improvement of technology, the future market trend of 9007 LED light bulb volume must be the same size as the halogen lamp 1:1, no external driver, no extended bulb base, no additional chuck installed, because only in this way can it be compatible with all cars 100% perfect compatibility, no need to spend more energy to modify the car, everyone can install it by themselves, avoiding the trouble of going to the auto repair shop.
  • Other 9007 bulbs with external drivers on the market, all have problems with the lamp bulb not being fixed and the bulb shaking during installation. This is because the installation of this type of LED light bulb needs to remove the adapter/holder attached to itself first, then install it with the adapter originally equipped with the car, and finally insert the 9007 light bulb. This often creates an incompatibility between the two, resulting in the bulb not being able to be fixed.

OXILAM 9007 LED Bulb 1:1 Size Is The Top Choice For Those Who Are Hesitant About Choosing The Right 9007.

  • OXILAM 9007 LED bulbs are wireless all-in-one 1:1 halogen design, it's rare to find in the market. OXILAM real 1:1 bulb design makes it compatible with forward light housing and dust cover (without modification). OXILAM 9005 bulb has no bulky external driver, no external wires, no additional adapter installed, plug and play, which solves the problem that customers often complain about that the light bulb cannot be fixed. 100% compatible with applicable cars. It is more friendly for novices to update bulbs, the perfect choice for upgrading to LED bulbs.

No Light Decay, Zero Dark Area

Each bulb has 12 pcs top CSP chips, providing premium light output and ensuring optimum brightness for 20 years without dimming and bulb burnout over time. 0.03in ultra-thin design provides a super-focused light beam, solving the problem of uneven focus and providing a wider and farther lighting area. No glare to oncoming traffic and no dark spots ensure a safer drive.

Efficient Heat Dissipation, Longer Life

OXILAM HB5 9007 LED bulb adopts a turbo silent fan with 18,000RPM without humming. It is specially designed to install a fan on the top of the bulb, which is closer to the heat-generating area, effectively taking away the heat of the LED chip, while also ensuring lifespan. So that you can avoid frequent replacement of 9007 LED lights for cars.

No Adapter Required, Plug And Play

When installing a conventional HB5 9007 LED with an adapter and an external driver, you need to remove the attached adapter and install it together with the adapter attached to the car, and then insert the 9007 bulb, which will make the bulb cannot fully be fixed. OXILAM LED 9007 are wireless all-in-one 1:1 halogen design that solves this problem and realizes real plug-and-play without additional adapters, 100% perfect installation.

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