Upgraded 7440 7443 LED Bulbs Red Brake Lights, 4000LM 600% Brighter, CANBUS Error Free, OXILAM 7441 7444 T20 W21W LED Lamps Replacement with Projector for Tail Turn Signal Stop Lights (Pack of 2)

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  • Fit Sockets 992, 7440, 7440NA, 7440LL, 7441, 7443, 7443LL, 7443ST, 7444, W21W, T20, etc
  • Color Brilliant Red
  • Voltage DC 9V-16V ( 12V on cars )
  • Lumens 4000LM/Set
  • Power 16W/Set ( Others are 8 to 12w/Set )
  • Lifespan Up to 60,000 Hours
  • Application Brake Light, Tail Light, Reverse Light, Turn Signal Light, DRL, Parking Light, Backup Light

Do You Know Why Choose OXILAM 7443 LED Bulbs as an Upgrade to Halogen Bulbs?

-There are many led bulbs on the market, most of them use older chips and are about 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs. OXILAM 7443 led bulb is equipped with 26 high quality 3020 SMD chipsets, HD projector lenses for a more focused beam pattern. 6 times brighter than halogen bulbs, providing you with a safer view when working.

-Compare to traditional heat sinks seem to have failed to keep up with the requirements of modern vehicles, OXILAM 7440 led bulb comes with unique heat sink hole design makes the bulb work properly even in extreme conditions. It also comes with a heat resistant LED base for support that provide 60,000+ long lifespan.

-Built-in CANBUS makes 95% of the vehicles without error warning or radio interference, but as LED bulbs draw much less wattage than conventional bulbs. For some sensitive vehicles (Jeep, Chrysler, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, RAM and VW), additional load resistors may be required to resolve the hyperflash problem.

-If you have any questions, please feel free to touch base with us for a free load resistor.

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