OXILAM Mini Size H7 LED Headlight Bulbs, 6000K White Super Bright CSP Chips LED Conversion Kit Wireless

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Why Need to Upgrade Halogen Bulb to LED?

  • At night, headlights may be one of the most important parts of your car. Being able to see and be seen is very important, not only to ensure that you can see the address of your destination but also to allow you to reach the destination all at once.
  • Old-fashioned halogen bulbs tend to dim over time, and in many cases, they were barely enough, to begin with. Considering the safety of you and other people in your car, the time and money worth spending can be improved by upgrading.

OXILAM H7 LED bulb is a major improvement over halogen bulb, providing a safe and comfortable night experience for the drivers.

With 8pcs CSP Chips and 4,000 lumens per pair, these H7 LED bulbs are 200% brighter than original halogen bulbs and ultra-thin chip copper plate to ensure 360° illumination without dark spots. Great for replacing your low and high beams.

Why Choose OXILAM H7 LED Bulbs?

  • There is no fan at the bottom, no vibration, and no noise, providing you with a quiet driving environment.
  • Connect directly like halogen, don't worry about the narrow space of the housing, perfectly fit your high beam and low beam without any aftermarket adapter/retainer, and keep you away from many kinds of installation problems.
  • This all-in-one H7 LED conversion kit installs easily in most vehicle housing and factory sockets in less than 10 minutes. No tools or modifications are required.

H7 LED headlight bulb

Are Non-polarity Sensitive Designs the Better?

With the continuous updating of products, there are 2 types of Plug and Play H7 LED Bulbs on the market:

  • One is a non-polarity design, no need to flip, but the power will not be stable enough, and the lifespan will be greatly shortened.
  • The other is a polarity design, which only needs to be flipped during installation toget a longer life, reduce the frequency of replacing your headlights,save your time and get a pleasant driving experience.

98% Canbus Error-free

Built-in intelligent IC driver, OXILAM H7 LED bulb can best serve 98% vehicles. Some sensitive vehicles may occur an error on dashboard or flickers,can get a resistors decoder from usto solve this problem.

Efficient Cooling Design

Full aviation aluminum body and hollow carved heat sink design, which can effectively dissipate heat through air convection.

IP67 Waterproof

Whole aviation aluminum body and IP67 waterproof rate keep the bulbs working normally in raining days or other bad conditions.

What Do You Need to Notice?

  1. 1. This H7 led bulb more suitable for headlight housing which is without projector lens.
  2. These H7 LED headlight bulbs NOT fit Mercedes-Benz C300, C280, C230 series.
  3. Most vehicles take separate bulbs for high beam and low beam function(total 4 bulbs).
  4. OXILAM h7 led bulbs can function as low beam, high beam or fog light as long as the bulb type matches.
  5. The assembly system may not be 100% accurate, please check the vehicle manual or stock bulb model if you are not sure which bulb size you need.
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