OXILAM Upgraded 9012 Bulb, HIR2 Fog Light 60W 600% Brighter, 1:1 Mini Size, Plug & Play

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2024 Newest OXILAM 9012 HIR2 Bulb

  • Model: 9012/HIR2
  • Brightness: 18,000LM/Set
  • Wattage: 60W/Set
  • Voltage: DC 12-16V
  • Color: 6,500K Cool White
  • Size: 1:1 Mini Size
  • Position: Front
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

Why upgrade your halogen bulbs to OXILAM Mini Size 9012 Bulb?

True 1:1 Mini Size Design: In order to free consumers from bulky bases and extra drivers, OXILAM has introduced the Q36 series 9012 bulbs. They are 1:1 size designed as stock halogen lamps, has the same height base, and light-emitting position. Compared with other 9012 bulbs in the market, no external driver and no extended bulb base. You can easily install them without worrying about the lack of space in the lamp housing, achieving a quick 5-minute installation.

High Visibility: OXILAM 9012 HIR2 bulb also has some improvements in the chip. With 16 CSP chips on both sides, it is 600% brighter than halogen, and the comfortable and bright white light gives you a clear and broad view even at night. At the same time, the extremely thin 0.03-inch spacing also ensures 360° illumination of the bulb, no dark spots, and say goodbye to dim yellow halogen lights once and for all!

How does the OXILAM 9012 bulb achieve a 10-year lifespan?

Thanks to the excellent heat dissipation system. Generally speaking, bulbs are not equipped with fans which may lead to problems such as poor heat dissipation and short life span. OXILAM 9012 bulbs features a turbo silent fan that does not make a humming noise. Turbofan has the advantage of small size but large air volume, which can effectively take the heat away from the chip and ensure service life. You can avoid the trouble of frequent bulb replacement.

Zero Dark Area

Compared to other bulbs, OXILAM 9012 reduces the gap to only 0.039in, allowing the bulb to emit 360° like an OEM halogen, solving the problem of uneven focus and providing a broader and longer illumination area. There is no glare to oncoming traffic and no black spots, ensuring safe driving.

Triple Heat Dissipation

Many lights only rely on fans to dissipate heat, and their lifespan is affected by insufficient heat dissipation. However, our 9012 hir2 bulbs adopt three heat dissipation methods: a 12,000RPM cooling fan, copper baseboard, and aviation aluminum body to fully dissipate heat, prolong the life, and avoid the trouble of frequent replacement.

IP68 Waterproof

OXILAM 9012 upgraded waterproof design, the working temperature is -40℉~+176℉, providing excellent visibility on the road, which allows it to be used in all kinds of weather, such as foggy, rainy, or dusty, ensuring you have better visibility and safer driving.

99% CANBUS Ready

The upgraded IC driver and linear decoding technology make the 9012 bulb compatible with 99% of vehicles without error, flicker, or radio interference. Please note: 1% of sensitive vehicle models may still require a CANBUS decoder. OXILAM can send the decoders directly to help fix this issue.

What improvements have been made to the upgraded OXILAM 9012 bulb?

To solve the installation problems that plague most people, the Q36 series 9012 bulbs are designed with the same size as stock halogen lamps, so people no longer have to worry about not having enough mounting space in the lamp housing and getting rid of bulky drivers and annoying wiring harnesses. With an all-in-one aluminum design body, they won't come off, disconnect from the plug or overheat and melt. Non-polarized socket plugs directly in, like a halogen bulb, making installation a breeze.

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