OXILAM Upgraded 9004 LED Fog Light Bulbs, 18000 Lumens, Wireless HB1 for Halogen Replacement

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OXILAM Upgrade 9004 HB1 LED light Bulbs

The Led light bulbs are one of the most important components when driving at night. Traditional halogen bulbs tend to dim over time, making it almost impossible to see the road ahead when driving at night. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 130,000 people die in nighttime traffic accidents globally every year, accounting for more than half of all traffic accident deaths. Therefore, being able to see and be seen is crucial.

The latest OXILAM 9004 led bulbs are a major improvement over the halogen bulb, 6 times brighter and lasts up to 10 years. OXILAM 9004 led bulbs use advanced LED technology to illuminate the road with greater brightness. Whether driving in the dark or in adverse weather conditions, OXILAM 9004 led bulbs ensure optimum visibility, allowing you to easily see obstacles, pedestrians and road signs.

OXILAM Super Brighter 9004 HB1 Led Bulbs -- See More, Drive Safer

Upgraded - Real 1:1 Size Direct-Plug Design

Based on market and customer data feedback, we understand that convenience is crucial for car owners, so we bring 2023 upgraded version of 9004 led bulbs, compared with other 9004 led bulbs on the market:

1:1 Size: There is no bulky base, extra driver and locking ring, so you can easily install it into the light housing, without spending a lot of time repeatedly adjusting or even modifying the car housing, dust cover.

1:1 Beam Pattern: Provides 360° illumination without dark spots or shadow areas, providing a wide field of view even at night. The clear cut-off line will not dazzle oncoming vehicles, ensuring driving safety.

1:1 Collar Ring: OXILAM Q36's collar ring is the same size and position as the halogen bulb, easy to install and fix, 100% matches your car, and there will be no bulb shaking.


OXILAM's true 1:1 design makes installation extremely smooth. You only need 5 minutes to insert the bulb and then install the original bulb holder to enjoy the high brightness modern LED bulbs. Compared with other LED, there is no extra locking ring, so you don't have to worry about whether it can match with the original vehicle's socket or whether it is not tight after installation.

How do the OXILAM 9004 LED bulbs achieve a 50,000 Hours Lifespan?

The heat dissipation system of the bulb itself is essential to achieve a balance between the brightness and the life of the car front bulb. There are many LED bulbs on the market that only rely on fans to dissipate heat, but this is not enough for a working LED bulb. OXILAM 9004 HB1 LED bulbs provide a good heat dissipation environment from all aspects of chips and materials to solve this problem.

Firstly, OXILAM LED bulbs use the latest upgraded 7035 LED chip with built-in self-recovery output open and short-circuit protection to improve reliability. And the built-in 12000RPM turbofan on the top of the bulb is located very close to the chip, which helps the chip to take away the heat faster.

Secondly, the copper base plate inside the bulb disperses heat away from the chip to avoid localized overheating that can cause the bulb to break down.

Finally, the housing made of integrated aluminum material dissipates the dispersed heat quickly. This triple cooling system coordinates with each other to fully dissipate heat and extend the life of the LED bulb.

  • More Durable: The aviation aluminum material and excellent cooling system make the 9004 light bulb lifespan more than 50,000 hours, equivalent to 100 halogen bulbs, without frequent replacement
  • IP 68: These 9004 LED bulbs with IP68 waterproof-rated can operate in temperatures from -40℉~+176℉. It provides good visibility on the road and can be used in all kinds of weather, such as foggy, rainy, or dusty days, ensuring better visibility and safer driving. You don't need to worry about failure during extreme weather anymore!
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