OXILAM H11 Bulbs, H9 H8 Fog Light Bulb, 6500K

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2024 Upgrade OXILAM H11 Bulbs

  • Model: H11/H9/H8
  • Brightness: 18000LM/Set
  • Wattage: 60W/Set
  • Voltage: DC 12-16V
  • Size: 1:1 Mini Size
  • Color: 6500K Cool White
  • Installation: Plug-n-Play, 100% No Problem

What are the upgrades of OXILAM 1:1 Mini Size H11 led fog light?

True 1:1 design: Compared to other H11 bulbs on the market, the Q36 series H11 bulb has no bulky base and extra driver, and the halogen bulb 1:1 size design, so you can easily install it into the lamp housing, no need to spend a lot of time to adjust repeatedly, 100% no installation problems, to achieve a 5-minute installation.

Perfect upgrade for halogen bulbs: OXILAM Q36 series H11, with 16 upgraded CSP chips, provides 18000LM, and 600% comfortable brightness without blinding oncoming traffic. At the same time, the extremely thin 0.03-inch led interval makes the field of view wider, with no dark spots, to ensure your safe driving.

True plug-and-play: Built-in driver, integrated design. The whole body is made of space aluminum, which is more robust and durable and has better heat dissipation performance. Compared to other H11 bulbs on the market with plastic plugs, OXILAM h11 bulbs will not have the problem of the plug falling off and being damaged, nor the danger of overheating and melting.

Why OXILAM Q36 series H11 bulb can achieve a longer lifespan?

Excellent cooling system: Compared to other H11 products on the market, mini-size H11 bulbs often do not have cooling fans, which can greatly reduce the life of the bulb. OXILAM H11 uses the latest upgraded silent turbofan, smaller than ordinary fans, but can reach the same 12,000 rpm to ensure efficient heat dissipation without annoying noise, making the journey more enjoyable.

At the same time, OXILAM H11 led fog light bulb uses an all-aluminum body as well as a copper substrate for efficient heat dissipation to ensure more than 60,000 hours of continuous lighting, even if used 12 hours a day to ensure a life of more than 10 years.

Greatly Improved Vision

Compare to other h11 bulbs, OXILAM h11 bulbs narrowed the led interval to only 0.03in, making the bulbs 360-degree lighting like OEM bulbs. No shadows, no dark spots

10+ Year Longer Lifespan

The aviation aluminum material and excellent cooling system make the h11 light bulb lifespan more than 60,000 hours, equivalent to 120 halogen bulbs, without frequent replacement

No Plastic Connector

Compared with other H11, OXILAM H11 bulbs use all-in-one aluminum design instead of plastic one. They will not fall off, disconnected from the plug, or overheating melting problem, which makes your driving safer

Mini Silent Turbofan

2023 new upgraded silent turbofan, smaller size, can effectively reduce annoying noise, but also can reach 12,000 rpm efficient cooling so that the chip can run for a long time

IP68 Waterproof

With excellent IP68-rated performance, the h11 led fog light bulb can work normally and help you see in bad weather

99% CANBUS Ready

The upgraded IC driver and linear decoding technology make the h11 bulb compatible with 99% of vehicles without flicker or error problems. EMC anti-electromagnetic interference technology ensures proper bulb operation without interference when other devices in the car are running

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