OXILAM 2024 Upgraded H4 9003 LED Bulb, 18000LM, Plug and Play Wireless, Pack of 2

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  • Model: H4 9003 HB2
  • Size: Real 1:1 Mini Size
  • Brightness: 18000LM/Set
  • Lifespan: Over 10 Years
  • Color: 6500K Cool White
  • Installation: True Plug-and-Play

    BRIGHT AND COMFORTABLE ILLUMINATION: 9003 LED bulbs are equipped with double-sided LED chips that output 18,000LM per set, which is 6 times brighter than halogen bulbs. Extended exposure to bluish lighting can lead to eye fatigue. The OXILAM 9003 6500K Cool White is not excessively blue and doesn't appear overly yellow, making it the perfect color choice.

    100% HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: Compared to other LED bulbs on the market, the OXILAM H4 LED Bulb features an ALL-IN-ONE design with no external drivers or wiring harnesses, 1:1 simulation of halogen bulb size, and compatibility with dust caps. No modifications are required and you can install it in less than 5 minutes with 100% no installation issues.

    GREAT UPGRADE TO HALOGEN OR OTHER LED BULBS: OXILAM H4/HB2 LED halogen bulb replacement provide a wider field of vision than dim halogen lamps. The extremely thin 0.03-inch led interval gives the H4 BULB the same beam pattern as the factory bulb, focusing the light on the road without any dark spots or shadow areas, effectively preventing glare from oncoming cars or drivers.


    10+ Years Lifespan

    The combination of all aviation aluminum and high-quality copper ensures that H4 bulb has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, the equivalent of 100 halogen bulbs, say goodbye to frequent replacements.

    Zero Dark Area

    Compared to other LED bulbs, the OXILAM 9003 led reduces the LED gap to 0.039 inches, allowing the bulb to illuminate 360° like a stock bulb without any dark spots, providing a wider range of illumination that will not be glare to oncoming vehicles or drivers.

    IP68 Waterproof

    The OXILAM HB2 LED adopts an upgraded waterproof design, which ensures the bulb works properly even when it is used in all kinds of weather, such as foggy, rainy, dusty days, etc., providing better visibility and safer driving.

    Silent Turbo Fan On Top

    OXILAM 9003 bulb features a unique silent top 12000PRM fan design on the market, which brings the fan closer to the chip without making loud noise, improves cooling efficiency and extends bulb life.

    1:1 Wireless Design

    With the same plug-and-play design as the factory bulbs, the H4 LED light has no bulky external drivers or extra wiring harnesses, and can be installed in less than 5 minutes without tools or modifications.

    Canbus Error Free

    The upgraded IC driver ensures compatibility with 99% of vehicles for the H4 9003 LED bulbs, preventing flickering or error issues. It won't interfere with the proper functioning of other vehicle components.

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