OXILAM 9007 HB5 Bulbs, 24000LM, Wireless 1:1 Size 5 Mins Installation, Canbus Ready, 2 Pack

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2024 Newest Super Brighter OXILAM 9007 Bulb

  • Model: 9007 HB5
  • Brightness: 24,000LM/Set
  • Voltage: DC 9-30V
  • Lifespan: Over 10 Years
  • Installation: Plug and Play in 5 Minutes
  • Size: 1:1 Same As Halogen Bulb
  • Canbus: Fit for 99.9% Vehicle

Super Bright! Breakthrough Brightness! 800% Brightness!

  • Say goodbye to dim, outdated bulbs and embrace the powerful and professional lighting experience that this 9007 bulb offers.
  • Experience a whopping 800% increase in brightness with this top-of-the-line 9007 HB5 LED. Designed with precision and performance in mind, this bulb will revolutionize your dim vehicle lighting system. Drive with confidence and maximize your driving experience.
  • Illuminate the Road Like Never Before!

OXILAM 9007 LED Is The Ideal Choice For Anyone Looking To Effortlessly Upgrade To LED Lighting.

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of additional modifications and expensive trips to the repair shop, anyone can easily upgrade to LED lighting.
  • With advanced technology and 1:1 size as halogen bulbs, this 9007 LED revolutionizes the market by eliminating the need for external drivers, extension bulb bases and additional adapters.
  • Unlike other 9007 bulbs on the market that require an external driver, OXILAM 9007 LED feature a wireless 1:1 halogen design, making them fully compatible with your car's headlight housing and dust cover without any modifications. No more loose bulbs or shaky installations affecting performance!
  • For those who are not sure about choosing the right HB5 9007 LED, look no further than the OXILAM 9007 HB5 LED fog light Bulb in a 1:1 size design. This rare feature ensures seamless fit and compatibility, allowing you to retain your original headlight accessories.

OXILAM Strives To Achieve The Perfect Balance Between Brightness And Longevity.

  • Say goodbye to short-lived bulbs and eliminate the inconvenience of frequent 9007 bulb replacements.
  • What sets OXILAM apart is our commitment to efficiency and rapid cooling. While most high-quality HB5 9007 bulbs rely on aluminum housings and fans to dissipate heat, we've gone an extra step by adding copper plates and copper tubing. The excellent thermal conductivity of copper tubes is more than 30 times higher than that of copper plates and has excellent heat dissipation capabilities.
  • This innovative design is why OXILAM achieves the perfect balance between brightness and longevity.

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