OXILAM 2024 Upgraded 9006 HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs 24000LM 100W 700% Brighter 6500K White, Wireless Plug and Play for low Beam

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Why Embark On The Journey From Halogen Bulbs Towards The Era of Led Bulbs?

SIGNIFICANT ENERGY SAVINGS: LED bulb reduce the strain on the vehicle's battery, extend battery life and reduce maintenance costs.

IMPROVED LIGHTING PERFORMANCE:LED bulbs provide clearer, brighter, and more uniform lighting, resulting in a wider field of vision and reduced risk of driver fatigue.

VEHICLE APPEARANCE UPGRADE: LED bulbs often feature a modern and stylish design, which can add a touch of sophistication and personalization to vehicles.

GREATER SAFETY:LED bulbs are more durable and provide consistent illumination in harsh road conditions, offering better visibility and safety.

Exceptional Brightness Makes OXILAM 9006 LED Bulbs The Top Choice

OXILAM 9006 replacement bulb with double-sided CSP chips deliver an impressive 24,000 lumens per set and they enable you to see further and wider on the road, greatly enhancing your driving safety.

While most 9006 LED bulbs in the market have a beam distance of 0.06-0.08 inches, our HB4 LED bulbs have a beam distance of just 0.03 inches. The cut-off of our bulbs is the same as halogen bulbs, ensuring that they do not cause glare to oncoming vehicles.

360° Lighting

The OXILAM 9006 bulb is equipped with 12 high-quality chips, allowing the light to evenly disperse in all directions and provide stable illumination.

Multiple Cooling System

The 9006 bulb features an integrate 12,000 RPM fan, high-quality copper tube and a copper base plate, enabling more efficient heat dissipation. With a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, our bulbs provide long-lasting performance that surpasses other options in the market

60000 Hours+ Lifespan

Compared to other LED bulbs, our 9006 bulbs feature all-in-one aluminum design without any plastic. This integration resolves overheating, melting, and prevents connector detachment.

Fit of Vehicles

With its integrated intelligent IC driver and CANBUS ready design, the 9006 replacement bulb is compatible with of vehicles, preventing flickering or dashboard error messages.

Easy to Install

Install an hb4 halogen bulb replacement effortlessly in just five minutes, without the hassle of bulky external drivers or extra wiring. It’s truly a plug-and-play experience.

1:1 Beam Pattern

The hb4 9006 forward light perfectly replicate the pattern of the OEM bulbs, offering a wider beam angle and extended illumination range on the road. There are no dark spots or shadows, ensuring that oncoming vehicles are not blinded.

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